Perspective Students

Thanks for your interest in working with me at UW-Madison! I am going to take several PhD & MS students starting in Spring & Fall 2023. The deadlines for applications for these two semesters are Oct. 1st and Dec. 15th, respectively. Please follow the instructions on this website to apply. More information about the programs can be found here. Contact me if you (PhD applicants) want to introduce yourself with your CV and transcript (w/ rankings if you have it). You probably want to read some of my selected publications to get a feeling about what I do. 

Preferred Qualifications:


PS: I have received more email inquiries than I wanted, so I cannot reply to all of them. My appologies. If you are "really" interested in this thread of robotics research, please first read some of the materials under the "resource" page or my representive publications to get familiar with the research I do. In the application, remember to list my name as the academic advisor.


---- UW-Madison is constantly ranked top 10 in terms of research expenditure

---- According to this article in Nature​, UW-Madison is ranked as No.4 among U.S. universities in terms of producing faculty in the past decade. 

---- According to many sources such as this one, Madison is the #1 best city to live in the US.  

Alien-go robot with an arm from Unitree

Digit Robot ($250,000) from Agility Robotics